Celebrating International Men’s Day: Ultrasound in Men’s Health

Oct 14, 2020 | Mens Heath

When most think of an ultrasound scan, they often think about the scans which are performed during pregnancy to monitor the health of an unborn foetus. Did you know that ultrasound scans are also used to test and monitor specific areas of the male anatomy?

During these ‘check-up’ appointments, we isolate specific areas of the body, in order to detect problems, before they become troubles. Our bespoke, first line health profiles are specifically tailored to investigate how each area of the body is looking and functioning. We will the provide diagnostic reports to each patient, outlining our findings and hopefully putting your mind at ease.

Common Ultrasound Scans for Men:

  • KUBP: Kidney, bladder and prostate
  • Upper Abdomen: gallbladder, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys
  •  Testicular: scrotum and testicular health
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening (AAA): major blood vessels

Common indicators to book a routine ultrasound?

  • Pain, swelling or inflammation of any of the areas noted above
  • Abnormal growths or structural changes
  • Abnormal blood test
  •  Urinary symptoms e.g. delay in starting to pass urine, poor flow and incomplete emptying of the bladder, urinary incontinence or blood in urine (haematuria)
  • Abdominal problems such as bloating, vomiting and gallstones
  •  Testicular lumps and cysts, undescended testicles, male fertility problems
  • Abnormal kidney function tests
  • High blood pressures

We recommend males over 65 to visit us for routine health checks, which include a combination of ultrasound scans.

Ultrasound procedures are completely painless. They also do not use ionising radiation, so they are considered harmless. In most cases, very little needs to be done before an ultrasound exam. The patient lies on the exam table. A clear, water-based gel is put on the skin over the part to be checked. This gel helps the sound waves go through the body. A hand-held probe (“transducer”) is then moved over that part. For prostate ultrasound exams, a specially designed probe is inserted into the rectum.

The goal of any imaging procedure is to have a clear picture of the examined area so that a physician can make the best treatment choice for you. If you are a man and wondering what the advantages could be to having an ultrasound performed, or you want to learn more about your upcoming ultrasound exam, please visit each of our in-detail information pages about each scan

No referral? No worry - book now for direct access to our ultrasound service.

We support both self-pay and insured patients. If you are self-funding, you can request to book a scan online within minutes. If you are insured, please contact our team to discuss your imaging request and arrange an appointment.