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What is Included?

Consultant radiologist opinion

Same-day results

Available for self-pay or insured

No referral required

Your Ultrasound Checks For:

Common genetic chromsomal Trisomy conditions

Sex chromosome anomalies


1. What is a Harmony Test?

A harmony test is performed 10 weeks after pregnancy and is a highly accurate examination to assess whether your baby has any of the three most common genetic chromosomal Trisomy conditions:
– Downs syndrome
– Patau syndrome
– Edwards syndrome

Sex chromosome anomalies are also assessed including:

– Turner syndrome
– Klinefelter syndrome
Please note that a pregnancy ultrasound must be performed beforehand to determine whether you have twins or not for the test’s accuracy.

2. Harmony Test: What happens at my appointment?

This is an examination which lasts for no more than 15 minutes. Here is what happens at your

1. Once you arrive you’ll be greeted and asked to sit on an examination table or seat.
2. Once you’re comfortable and ready, a sample of your blood will be taken (usually from your arm).
3. Your blood sample is sealed ready to be sent to specialist labs for examination.
Your results will be available after 5 working days.

Following the examination the images are processed and reviewed by a Consultant Radiologist who will provide your doctor with a report. We endeavour to give both you and your GP access to your results on the same day of your scan.

You can expect the scan to last between 20-30 minutes. Please give yourself plenty of time for your appointment.

As the scan is non-invasive and non-surgical there is no aftercare or recovery requirements so you can go
home immediately after your appointment.

3. Harmony Test: Preparation for the appointment

No preparation required.